BOLIDE Confirmed!!-update

Around the Earth there are any telescopes are dedicated to scanning the sky, looking for asteroids, comets and space debris that might potentially hit the Earth’s surface.  Thousands of candidates have been found, but they’ve all turned out to be false alarms — until now! A meteoroid first spotted Sunday NIght hit Earth’s atmosphere at 10:43 PM over northern Sudan, creating a spectacular explosion high above Earth’s surface.  Click here for more!  (Bolide is an astronomical term – referring to the impact of an extraterrestrial object up to 10 km wide that impacts the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed considerably higher than a speeding bullet).   At 3:30 AM, the fireball has been confirmed by a KLM airliner that was 750 miles SW of the expected location of the entrance into the atmosphere.  Click here for more on that.  Here’s more from

On Oct. 7th, asteroid 2008 TC3 hit Earth and exploded in the atmosphere over northern Sudan. An infrasound array in Kenya recorded the impact. Dr. Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario has inspected the data and he estimates that the asteroid hit at 0243 UTC with an energy between 1.1 and 2.1 kilotons of TNT. Most of the 3-meter-wide space rock should have been vaporized in the atmosphere with only small pieces reaching the ground as meteorites.

No pictures of the fireball have been submitted; the impact occurred in a very remote area with few and possibly no onlookers capable of recording the event. So far, the only report of a visual sighting comes from Jacob Kuiper,

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