Rothblog: Rothbury Radio at

There’s a good chance that you aren’t familiar with every band on the Rothbury line-up. Really, discovering new music is one of the joys of the summer festival season. But, if you’re looking for a sneak preview, I think I’ve found a resource that you’ll like. has set up a massive “Summer Festivals” section, featuring on-line radio stations for all of this summer’s big events – including the Rothbury Festival. Not sure what to make of “Railroad Earth”? Can’t imagine what kind of music a band called “The Disco Biscuits” might be playing? Then it’s time to make use of your mouse and perform a clicking motion on this section of differently-colored text.

For those of you that went last year, what kind of discoveries did you make? (music-wise, but feel free to tell me what you “learned” in Sherwood Forest as well)

And, by the way, “Railroad Earth” is a solid bluegrass outfit, descended from one of my all time favorites “From Good Homes”. And when it comes to “The Disco Biscuits”, I much prefer “Umphrey’s McGee”… just sayin’…

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