All-in-1 earphones for gaming on the go

Moray+ earphones, a "Swiss Army knife" for gamers on the go. (Courtesy: Razer)

Razer calls the Moray+ the “Swiss Army knife for mobile audio and voice communications.” I have to say, I agree and you don’t have to worry about it cutting you, as there aren’t actually any blades.

Razer actually sent me a pair of both the Moray and the Moray+ for testing. There are some differences between the two sets of earphones, the Moray+ sports an inline microphone and the Moray does not. The Moray+ includes adapters for portable gaming, while the Moray only includes a airplane adapter. For this review, I’ll be writing about the Moray+’s mainly, but in terms of the listening experience the earbuds are identical.

The “Swiss Army knife” aspect of the Moray+ comes into view because included in the packaging is an adapter for your mainline mobile devices, including the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. The standard 3.5mm headset jack plugs into the adapter and the adapter into your device. Both adapters are small enough to not feel cumbersome but large enough that you won’t lose them (unless you lose a lot of things). The Moray+ works without an adapter when plugging into a compatible device, like the iPhone or Palm Pre and other smartphones. When plugging in the earphones to a PC though, you’ll want to make sure you use the included splitter. Plugging in directly did not enable the microphone on the headset.

The Moray+ earphones and carry case. (Courtesy: Razer)
The Moray+ earphones and carry case. (Courtesy: Razer)

The Moray+ is an “intraaural” set of earphones. You can see in the pictures, they basically go inside your ear, unlike standard earbuds which are supposed to rest on the outside. Because I’m not a professional audiophile, I review sound products like the everyman through normal use. I didn’t measure the accuracy of the frequency response, sound pressure level, impedance or max rated imput, which Razer lists on their site as:

  • Frequency response: 20 to 11000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 110 dB
  • Impedance: 17 ohms
  • Max rated input: 20 mW

My main criteria are based on two primary factors: “Is the sound loud?” and “Is the sound clear?” I’m happy to report the answer to both questions is yes.

For my testing, I used it on my personal phone (the Palm Pre) and for gaming on my PC. On the Pre, I used it for calls, videos and music. I prefer them in every aspect immensely more than the included headphones that came with the phone, which is to be expected. Everything just sounded better.

Watching a movie (Serenity for the curious) and listening to music were immersive. This is in part to the “passive noise isolation” employed by the headphones. Essentially, they’re little rubber stoppers that prevent other noise from getting to you. The effectiveness was exhibited when I didn’t respond to someone yelling at me in the same room. There are three different sizes included with the Moray+ so that if your ears are larger or smaller you can find an appropriate thickness. I found the medium size most comfortable for me.

Plug in to the device you own. (Courtesy: Razer)
Plug in to the device you own. (Courtesy: Razer)

When gaming on the PC, the results were equally impressive. Even though the Moray+ is an earphone, I still felt in competed with larger headsets. It won’t replace them, but if you’re a laptop gamer it might be nicer to have a set of earphones instead of a gaming headset.

I never had any complaints for the microphone. It seemed to work without issue while talking on the phone and while in game for team communication.

Overall, I have to say the Moray+ is a solid set of earphones that would be a great compliment to any gamers lineup. They run $59.99 at the official Razer Store. You can find the Moray for much cheaper online, but again, they lack the adapters and don’t have an inline microphone. Both sets are available in white and blue and come with carrying pouch. There are special PAX-colored editions available for the Moray+.

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