Politics never takes a holiday

As many of us are preparing to celebrate in some way during this holiday season there is still a lot of activity in Washington, D.C.

The Senate will, in all probability, pass their version of health care reform before Christmas. That will set up an interesting round of negotiations between the upper chamber and the House to try and reconcile the two similar but different bills.

Among the differences, stricter abortion language in the House bill sponsored by Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak.

The House also has a public option, or government run, insurance plan that the Senate doesn’t have. That provision is very important to some House members, but could be a deal breaker in the Senate.

The Senate also imposes a tax on so-called high value insurance plans, something some Democrats in the House say they can not support.

So while most of us try to relax a bit during this holiday season there is likely to be a good deal of behind the scenes bargaining to get President Obama’s #1 priority sent to his desk early next year.

All this will be going on as some polls show opposition to the plan at 50% and above, and concerns among some politicians and many in the public that the plan is being pushed along too quickly.

We will continue to follow this issue and I look forward to talking with you again after the first of the year.

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