eightWest Art Van Pajama Party!

Ready to Go!
Ready to Go!

This was a riot, let me tell you!  Wait, I don’t need to tell you ladies, you were there!  Over 700 of you showed up to take in and enjoy a girl’s night out, and did we ever!

The night was set to start at 7 p.m., but by 6:30 so many of you were already in line, we decided to open early (considering it was so cold, and you were all in your PJs).  And that was all it took…the night was off to a great start!

Once inside there was so much to do, starting with Red Carpet photos with Rachael and Terri, which are all up at woodtv.com.  Everybody got an eightWest bag as they entered, filled with a few goodies and the all important
map, to guide you around the store.  There were five main stations; Rustic, Contemporary, Bedding, Traditional, and Casual, designed to help you “Find your look”, which is really what the night was all about.  Each area represented a theme and was also paired with food (including desserts), cocktails, and a way to pamper yourself, thanks to Design One and their hair and make-up artists.

In addition we also had a stage set up, complete with music by “Nine Mile Smile” and demonstrations from Arthur Murray’s Dance School, Seva Yoga, and don’t forget some Zumba by Tara Lindquist!  It didn’t stop there; the cooking demos from Chef Brech of 25 Kitchen & Bar were a hit, the steady line for spray tans, and the list for complementary paraffin hand treatments was full all night.

The big bonus came if you visited each of the 5 areas and had your card stamped.  Then you were entered into a drawing for big giveaways at the end of the night, and boy, the crowd was pumped!  Jumping and screaming, full of excitement…I kinda wish I could have been entered into the drawing.  All sorts of things were given away; eightWest shirts, dance lessons from Arthur Murray’s, a wii from WOOD TV, 2 Sterns & Foster Queen Bedding Sets from Art Van, gift cards to Tropical Mist Tan, 25 Kitchen & Bar, Carlson Laser Aesthetics, Design One, Muriel’s, then jewelry from Stella & Dot, …and the list goes on.

Whew..it was a whirlwind.  It felt like the entire night went by in about an hour and I so enjoyed meeting everyone.  This PJ party was certainly a hit, and I can tell you it is only the beginning of all the fabulous things to come!!!

Stay West everyone:-)

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