The ArtPrize Countdown Begins!

Two weeks. Two weeks between you and ArtPrize 2011.

Wednesday is also the first chance for voting registration.

You can register online ( to help choose the $250,000 winner.

Step 1: Registration
You’ll need a unique e-mail address.

Step 2: Activation
You can do this at ‘The Hub’, any of the 8 exhibition centers (, or at any mobile registration site downtown.

Step 3: Voting
You can vote online, by text messaging, or by smartphone apps (iPhone and Android) .

But why do this early? I asked ArtPrize executive director Catherine Creamer that last week.

“If we get them to register early and activate,” said ArtPrize executive director Catherine Creamer. “They can hit the ground running.”

If you signed-up last year, you don’t need to register again. Your voting account still exists. You’ll just need to activate your account before you can vote.

ArtPrize runs from September 21 through October 9.


ArtPrize voting FAQs

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