Michigan: 100% Thick Snowcover

nohrsc michigan    nohrsc Click on the images to enlarge. The first map of of snowcover over the Western Great Lakes shows a 99% snowcover (just a little area with no snow cover in the bottom left and bottom right) and the National Snow Analysis says that in the area covered by this map, there is an AVERAGE snowcover of 20.3″. That’s a LOT of snow. The water equivalent of the snowcover on this map is 4.5″. That’s a lot of stored water that could contribute to significant flooding if it were all to melt relatively quickly. National snow cover (Lower 48 states) is at 36.2%. This week there will be snowcover added to much of Missouri and the Ohio Valley. Snowcover in our area: 17″ Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids, 18″ Fremont, 19″ Muskegon and Holland, 20″ Rockford, 16″ Reed City, 15″ Grand Ledge, 13″ Hart, Hopkins and Hastings (hmmm…they all start with the letter “H”), 12″ Lansing, 10″ Alma and 9″ Brooklyn (Jackson Co.). Other snowcover reports in MI: 21″ Houghton Lake, 24″ Traverse City (Munson), 26″ Sault Ste. Marie, 28″ Charlevoix, 32″ E.Jordan and Newberry, 34″ Marquette Airport, 42″ Grand Marais, 51″ Mohawk (Keewenaw Peninsula). Delaware reports 52″ on the ground with a season total of 271.5″ (headed over 300″!). Here’s the snowman camera from Krupp’s Resort in the U.P., showing around 4 feet of snow on the ground.

The pattern continues to look cold thru the first two weeks of March relative to average (average highs are upper 30s at the end of Feb., 40 on March 5th to low 50s by the end of March.  The morning run of the GFS has below zero temperatures in G.R. Friday AM and next Sunday AM.  The first 32 on the GFS-plot is 3/8.  The European long-range still has temps. a little colder than average for the week of March 17-23.   BTW, Daytona had 0.98″ of rain on Sunday – it took awhile to get the 500 race to the finish.  Dustin FL had 3.16″, Pensacola 2.95″.  Looks like the W. Coast gets some much needed rain on and off for about 4 days…then back to the dry pattern.

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