Unseasonably Warm Air Coming

Snowdrops are often the first flower that blooms in our area.  I have several dozen planted next to the house where they get some heat off the bricks.  They’ll push right thru the snow if they can and be out by late February.  I’ll often see the first bees in the snowdrops.  The warm air that’s coming will certainly push those snowdrops along.  While it’ll still be relatively cool today (mid-upper 30s), winds will be light and that will make it feel a little milder.

muskegon-glerl  This was sunset at the Muskegon Beach – that’s as close as we got to sunshine yesterday, a sliver of pink on the western horizon.

The overnight run of the NAM model gives G.R. highs of 34, 52 and 56 for the next 3 days.  The GFS highs for G.R. starting with today (Thu.) are 37, 48, 55, 52, 55, 57, 57, 43.  With the average high temps. being mid 30s – that’s quite a stretch of very warm air.  The chance of rain doesn’t really increase until Tuesday.  Cooler air finally starts to push in around Thurs. of next week and I think the pattern goes back close to average temps. for the the end of February and early March.  I think I mentioned once before the year of 1983 – coming off a strong El Nino.  We had a stretch of days in G.R. starting on Feb. 28th with high temps. of 53, 54, 60, 72, 66, 68, 68. 65, 51.  That included 8 record high temps. in a row.  Then…we had our biggest snowstorm of the winter on March 20-21 with an even 8″.  Starting on Mar. 20, Grand Rapids had high temps. of 32, 29, 30, 32, 30, 30, 39.  We had 3 consecutive mornings with low temps. of 4, 4, 7.  That was sure a flip and enough to freeze out anything (like magnolias) that had started to blossom.  From March 19-31, it didn’t get warmer than 45.  So, here in Michigan we can sure get some flips.  In any case, we’re not done with cold, snow and winter.

Also:  Seattle has never had 2 days in Feb with over 1.50″ of rainfall…until now.  They have had more than double their avg. Feb. rainfall.  St. Louis sunsetA cloudy day in Singapore.  Check out these straight-line wind gusts in NCWisconsin sunsetAustralia’s hottest daysPoliceman barely makes it to shelter in an elementary school before EF2 tornado sweeps through.  “…in New Zealand, at least 58 glaciers advanced between 1983 and 2008, yet the cause of this growth has been uncertain.” (first place I’d look is in the “cooler temperatures file).  Polar Bear Update.  Snowiest February ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia – only 16 days into the month.

drought-monitor  Relatively few areas in drought as we head into late winter.  More rain coming for S. California.

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