Mostly Sunny and Warm Weekend


High temps. Friday:  46 Muskegon Beach, 55 Muskegon Airport (daily record), 54 Grand Rapids, 56 Battle Creek, 60 Holland (airport), 60 Kalamazoo, 62 S. Haven, 68 Gary, Indiana, Mt. Pleasant 45, Big Rapids 47.  Looks like a warm weekend.  Some golf courses are going to open up.  The overnight run of the GFS model has these high temps. for G.R. for the next 8 days:  56, 54, 56, 61, 54, 56, 56, 34.  Unseasonably warm for the next week…then temps. crash next Sat. (the 25th) with snow falling during the day.  The days with showers are Tuesday and Friday, with much colder and snow on Saturday (25th).  There’s a decent chance of accumulating snow in the first week of March.  The GFS 56 for G.R. may be too low…we could touch 60.  Enjoy.  Weight limits are in effect now on area roads.  Watch for thin ice on inland lakes.  Still 15″ of snow on the ground at Gaylord, this Sat. AM – 40″ on the ground at Grand Marais.  At 11 am – it was 50 deg. at the Muskegon Airport, but just 39.6 at the Muskegon Beach.

altocumulus These altocumulus clouds are called a “mackerel sky”.  Here’s the Saturday sunrise in Chicago looking out over Lake Mich.

Also:  Checking ski resorts around the world…8 of the top 10 resorts with the deepest snow are in California.  Southern Oscillation Index crashing – it means the cold air will return for the end of the month and early March.  Look at the snow on the ground Maine.  34″ of snow on the ground in Halifax, Nova Scotia is a February record.  Ka-BoomHeavy snow on the ground in the U.PIt’s been dry this year in S. FloridaAt Mammoth Mt. in CA – they have to clear lifts – too much snow!!  There’s snow in New Zealand in summerFrost on trees in LithuaniaRing around the moon in the desert of ChileContrasts in Australia…record heat in the Southeast, some record cool temps. in the Southwest.  Cloud “streets” over the Bering SeaGiant hail in Sydney, Australia. Key West sunsetDust from the Saharan Desert dims the sunshine in the Canary IslandsSatellite view of the whole world on FriThe big waterfall in Rochester NY this Sat. AMWaterspouts in MontenegroMorning jet contrailsSatellite loop from AustraliaFlooding in Saudi ArabiaBeautiful lenticular clouds.

california-expected-rainMore incredible rain for California.  These are rainfall totals from Friday:  3.75′ Santa Barbara (7.39″ for Feb. so far!), 3.28″ Sandberg, 3.20″ Big Sur, 2.16″ Red Bluff, 2.12″ Camarillo, 1.96″ Santa Maria and Long Beach, 1.47″ USC, 1.11″ LAX, 0.95″ Sacramento.  There was one fatality (tree falling on live wires) and two injuries (sinkhole swallowed 2 cars) near Van Nuys.  Rains will move across the AZ desert.  Look at the squall line of thunderstorms crossing the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.  Check out the flooding on the 110 Freeway in L.A. Here’s California reservoir water levels.   Landslide!!  More than 8″ of rain in 2 days in the mountainsMajor highway I-5 flooded outTrees toppled on carsAnyone want to trade a bicycle for a boatTree on house108 mph wind gustFlooding Oxnard CAL.A. river fullFlooding in Van Nuys CA – that’s a long stretch of high water!  Satellite view of the two large Pacific stormsFiretruck tumbles off Interstate 15 where road is washed outReed Timmer in the CA floods.

earthquake-hawaii  Earthquake on the Big Island of Hawaii.   Also VOLCANOAsh up to 36K feet.   Lava moving from Kilauea Volcano in HawaiiVolcanic plume with lightningLava reaches the ocean.

Finally, you know you’re getting old when 45 of your high school classmates have already passed away.


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