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Here’s a beautiful drone pic. from Jack Martin taken near Holland, Michigan. We’ll see partly to mostly sunny skies today and over the weekend with a big push of unseasonably warm air across the Great Lakes. It’s too early to fill the pool, but I’ll bet some people get the golf clubs out this weekend. In fact, I’ll bet a few people will both ski and play golf in the same weekend!

great-lakes-ice-cover As of early afternoon Friday, the Great Lakes had 13.3% ice cover. Ice cover on the individual lakes as of Friday was 11.7% on Lake Michigan, only 5% on Lake Superior (deeper lake, less ice cover), 23.9% on Lake Huron (the most of any of the Great Lakes), Lake Erie at 8.9%, Lake Ontario just 2.3%.  We’ve had two winters now with relatively low ice extent on the Great Lakes, following two years with very high ice extent.

The water level of Lake Michigan-Huron is unchanged in the last month, down 3 inches in the last year and stands 8″ above the February average. Lake Superior is down 2″ in the last month and down 2″ year-to-year. Superior is 6″ above the February average. Lake Erie is up 4″ in the last month, up 5″ in the last year and is now 17″ above the average water level for February. Lake Ontario is up a whopping 8″ in the last month, but is unchanged in the last year. Ontario is 9″ above the Feb. average. Lake St. Clair is down 2″ in the last week, up 7″ in the last year and is now 18″ above the average level for February.

dnr-free-fishing-weekendIt’s free fishing weekend in Michigan…you don’t need a license to fish this Sat. and Sun., but you do need to observe all the other rules and limits. A number of mostly free events are going on for free fishing weekend.  Here’s the DNR’s latest fishing report.

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