Cold in Michigan for the Midweek

The map above is high temperatures on Monday.  You can see the cold air covering the entire Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast and up into Canada.  The average high temp. for Grand Rapids is 43.  We’ll have a north wind today, so you can see by looking at the map that we’ll continue to bring down air that is quite cool for mid-March.  Cool high temps. Monday included just 42 in Macon GA and 48 in Dothan AL.  On the warm side, San Francisco topped out at 77, Phoenix AZ reached 92, and Thermal recorded the first 100-degree temp. in California this year.

Milwaukee had 8.4″ of snow yesterday – most of that was from lake-effect with a northeast wind.  Milwaukee had more snow Monday than they had from Dec. 19 through Feb. 28 combined!

Model data:  The models are similar.  Both the NAM and GFS give G.R. high temps. of 25 today and 29 tomorrow, then 41/39 for Thurs.  The GFS has mostly rain for Friday midday into Friday evening, ending with flurries early Sat. – the GFS highs starting with Friday are 44, 45, 45, 49…so back to average for the weekend.  No big storms (East Coast snowstorm thread is below this one).

  This is the precipitation outlook for March 21-27 from the Climate Prediction Center.  Another green “A” for above average over California.  They have a majority of the country on the wet side…I’d lean toward near average here in MI.  Temperatures are expected to be near average for that period in MI.  It should be a fine week to be in Florida.

Also:  Check out the wildflowers in the California desert.  The full moon we’ve enjoyed is called the “Worm Moon”.  The Ice HouseGale force winds in Cape Town today that caused the Cape Town Cycle Tour (Cape Argus) to be cancelled.

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