Great Lakes Satellite Pictures

The satellite pictures above show the difference between the two cold winters we had in 2013-14 and 2014-15…and the two milder winters we’ve had in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

  Here’s a record of the maximum extent of Great Lakes ice going back to 1973.

Check out the MODIS Lake Michigan satellite picture from this PM and you can see where the lake effect snow fell…with the band coming onshore in western Mason and western Oceana Counties, then again south of S. Haven, where 10″ of snow fell at Stevensville in Berrien County.  You can see where the lake-effect snow fell from Green Bay south to the Chicago area (with up to 23″ near Racine, Wisconsin).  There was still a little snow left southeast of G.R. down thru Barry County.

  This is the pic. of Lake Huron and you can see where lake-effect snow fell southeast of the lake with a northwest wind…and also north of Saginaw when the wind was northeast off the lake.

This is Lake Erie. and…

  Here’s a nice clear look at Lake Ontario…surrounded by snow.  You can see the Finger Lakes and the Niagara River.  It’s a little browner where the city of Toronto is located on the northwest coast of Lake Ontario.

Also:  Cherry blossoms frozen in D.C. Huge fire in downtown Raleigh NCFour buildings burning in Raleigh.  Five alarms sounded.  A storm to rememberSnow totals from the East Coast storm10 injured in volcanic explosion.

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