March Colder Than February

Here’s the MODIS Lake Michigan satellite picture from this afternoon.  It’s clear in Wisconsin with snow on the ground.  You can see some inland lakes have open water in SE Michigan.  In Michigan, Torch and Elk lakes east of Traverse Bay have open water and you can see a bit of open water on the edge of Houghton Lake.  You can see bands of lake-effect clouds and snow showers moving from north to south with the prevailing wind.  The snow showers were heavier in the AM, when several inches fell in W. Ocean and W. Mason County and up to 10″ in Berrien Co. near Stevensville.  Up to 12″ of snow blanketed N. Indiana.  When the wind was north-northeast yesterday, heavy snow fell in E. Wisconsin and NE Illnois.Chicago got 7.7 inches (O’Hare) and Milwaukee received 11.2″.  The heaviest snow – up to 23″ fell in Kenosha and Racine Counties between Chicago and Milwaukee.  The flurries have ended and we’ll be dry through most of Thursday night.

Here’s links to see the zoomed in satellite pics. of Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.  Here’s a pic. of the whole Great Lakes.

It’s been cold.  The average temperature for the first 15 days of March has been 30.4°.  That’s 4.3° cooler than the average temperature we had in February (34.7°).  The last 6 days have averaged 12.7° colder than average in G.R.  The graphic shows the ice extent on the Great Lakes (16.7%) and for each individual Great Lake (Lake Michigan is at 14% ice cover).

  The sun is “blank”…no sunspots (pic. from SDO/HMI).  That’s 9 days in a row and 20 days since 1/1.  We’ve gained 2 hours and 54 minutes of daylight since the Winter Solstice.

  Today (Thurs.) is the 91st consecutive day with 10″ or more of snow on the ground at Sault Ste. Marie.  They’ve had 134.7″ of snow this winter, about 26″ above average to date.  Mt. Bohemia in the U.P. is up to 264″ for the winter.

Model Update:  Overnight NAM has 35/40/39 for the next 3 days in G.R.  The GFS highs starting with today for G.R. are 39/41/47/49/55/40/39.  The chance of measurable precipitation on the GFS is 74% on Friday (chance brief period of freezing rain early Fri., 47% on Sat. and 69% next Monday.

Also:  Not a good place to stand when the “trainplow” comes thru48.4″ of new snowMore East Coast snow totalsEast is cold, West is warmNice time to be in Florida.  At 11 pm it was warmer in Juneau AK than in Atlanta GA.  Snowiest winter ever at Binghamton NY (131.5″).  Six of the 12 dogs abandoned by protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline have already been adopted.  Why we got heavy lake effect snow in WI/IL/IN/Berrien Co.  The coldest recorded location in the world in the past 24 hours was -65.0°C/-85.0°F (Vostok) Antarctica.  Burlington, VT received 30.1″ inches of snow, making the Blizzard of 2017 its 2nd biggest snowstorm in city history.  Pic. of 44″ of new snow!  Magnitude 5.4 e-quake 40 mi. S Amchitka, Alaska.  Three-day snowfall of 20.8″ at Juneau AKNew York’s 2nd most famous waterfall.   Hampshire Dome in Milford NH suffered a roof collapse due to heavy, wet snow.  Heavy snow in TurkeyIncoming t-storm in AustraliaCars 3/4 buried in NYHard frost this morning causing damage to blossoms.  Three overnight tornadoes confirmed in south Florida Tuesday night.  Snowman buriedBird almost gets zapped!

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