Sunday – Some Sunshine

Pic. above is the east beach at Crystal Lake in Beulah – Benzie Co. – pic. from daughter #3.  The sun should break thru today, and it should be a little warmer.  Dry today, but rain showers are possible late Sun. night into Monday.  So far, March is averaging 30.3 deg.  That’s 4.4 deg. cooler than February, which averaged 34.7 deg.  While it’s not saying much, we’ve already had about double the snowfall in March in G.R. (4.7″) than we had in February (2.4″).  Today is the 94th day in a row that Sault Ste. Marie has had 10 or more inches of snow on the ground.

  The colder pattern has allowed the ice to regrow up here at Alpena.  Today is the last full day of astronomical winter.  We welcome the spring season at 6:28 am Monday morning.  The record high for today in G.R. is 81 on 3/19/2012.  I had that day off, so I took my kayak around Gun Lake…and then jumped in and swam around for a couple minutes at the beach.  I was the only one on the lake.  I remember seeing dozens of turtles that had made an early appearance and were catching some rays.

  I was out at Science Olympiad Saturday all day at GVSU in Allendale.  You can see some of the 1,400 participants in this pic.  Behind me and to my right and left, the stands were full of parents and others.  To no one’s surprise…Grand Haven High School and Lakeshore Middle School finished #1.  They put an extra effort into S.O. in Grand Haven.  The participants from Grand Haven get to ride on a flatbed truck in the Coast Guard Parade.  I hope if you go to the parade that you’ll give them a big cheer when they go by.  Chandler Woods Middle School took first place in my event – Meteorology.  Think I’ll have to make the test longer and harder next time!

Also: RIP Chuck Berry.   Big win for my alma mater (WI) in the NCAA yesterday!  high temp. of 76 F on Saturday in Cheyenne, WY, shattered the old record daily high of 71 set in 1921.  Some record highs in the 90s are possible today thru Tues. in Texas.  The new GOES-16 satellite “saw” the moisture and smoke plumes from the Delta rocket that was launched Sat. evening.  DuckVolcanoRainbow!   Water temps off DE, NJ, NY, CT and New England coasts are almost as cold as the Great Lakes March 18, 2017. In the 30s. Flash flooding in Peru – vehicles washed away.  Watch this scary video.  Interesting shape to this lightningSandstorm in LibyaBoardin’ on Snowshoe MtCoast Guard cutting ice on the Great Lakes. The peak in Lake Michigan ice extent was January the 18th with 18.19% Only about 2% higher than this past Monday (March 13).  Video of hail in Kent Co. on FriWhole earth visible satellite loop from Fri.

Model Update:  Overnight NAM model for G.R. has highs of 44,50,49  – the GFS highs are 44/47/49/40/49/63/53.  That 60-deg. temp. is still there for Fri.  Showers Monday and Friday into early Sat.  Watch for mid-week severe thunderstorms in the Plains States.

The sun was blank yesterday for the 12th day in a row – the longest stretch since 2010U.S. carbon dioxide emissions fall 3 percent: Global emissions flat for 3rd year in a row. German CO2 emissions rise nearly 1% in 2016   More rain and snow for California.  Sierra “snowpack is 185% of average”; Tahoe may be filled for 1st time in 11 years.



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