Here’s a sunrise pic. from the S. Haven Lighthouse…showing 2 boats moving out (pretty sure they were fishing) and a little water left on pier, most likely from the winds/waves on Monday and Tuesday.

  The midday satellite pic. shows the low clouds in E. Michigan that cleared out of our area this morning and the high clouds over Wisconsin that are moving east towards us…so we’ll become partly cloudy.

The Mackinac Bridge is now open…it was closed for awhile early this AM because of ice falling off the bridge.

Laura with the Boston Marathon ForecastUnusual traffic delay in Atlanta this AM.

Model data:  Bit of a conflict between the morning NAM model which gives G.R. just a 6% chance of measurable rain tomorrow and the GFS model which gives G.R. a 66% chance of rain tomorrow.  In any case…not an all day rain and amounts would be light.  Best chc. of a shower tomorrow in the SW corner of the state (Berrien Co.).  Morning model data comes in gradually through about 4 pm.  The GFS hits at the possibility of a strong t-storm next Weds.

At my house right now I have two squirrels and four different kinds of birds at my bird feeder…they all get along…eat right next to each other.  One cat is asleep in the fireplace and the other is on its back asleep with all four paws sticking up in the air.

Also:  Today is the first day since 11/29 that Caribou, Maine has not had more than a foot of snow on the ground.  That’s 132 days in a row for them with more than a foot of snow on the ground…a few record.

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