Great Lakes Water Levels – UP

This pretty pic. is from my daughter #2 at Grand Haven last summer…a nice Pure Michigan picture. The water level of all the Great Lakes is above to much above average. Lake Michigan/Lake Huron (at the same water level) was up 6″ in the last month (if I remember right and my math is OK – that’s a gain of about 4.7 trillion gallons of water in just one month on the two lakes combined!), and is now 11″ above the April average level. Lake Superior is unchanged in the last month, is now 6″ above the April average. Lake Erie is up 6″” in the last month and down 6″ in the last year. However, Lake Erie is still 16″ above the average April level. Lake Ontario is up a whopping 14″ in just the last month and is 18″ above the April average. Lake St. Clair is up 7″ in the past month and is 13″ higher in the century average for April.  While still not near record high water levels, we do worry about beach erosion and waves coming over the piers and breakwaters when the water levels are high.  All Great Lakes connecting rivers have above average flows and that is expected to continue through the spring and into the summer.

Buoy Port Sheldon This week, Limotech put the buoys at Port Sheldon and S. Haven back on the water.  The buoys on the Great Lakes providing weather and water data that you can access on the web. Check out the Western Great Lakes buoys here…and check out the local Limotech buoys at St. Joseph, S. Haven, Port Sheldon-Holland, Muskegon (GLERL), and Ludington (Univ. of Mich. buoy). There’s a new buoy off my hometown of Wilmette IL.  If not online now the buoys will be coming on line soon.

Also: Pics. of Bois Blanc Island158 year-old schooner found on the bottom of Lake OntarioEffort to increase the population of lake sturgeonrestoring monarch butterfly habitat…see Sleeping Bear Dunes from space. Mayfly swarm shows up on radar. Alewife die-off in Lake Michigan. Here comes the Viking ship.

And:  Check out this huge dust devil in Mexico.   It was a snowy Thursday in St. Petersburg, RussiaSnowing again in the California mountains.  The Sierra at Lake Tahoe Ski Area went over 600″ for the winter.   It’s the wettest year on record in parts of N. CA.   Tornado video from OK Thurs. PM.   Blossoms starting to come out in NY Central ParkKansas lightningCool satellite pics.  You can see the California wildflower bloom from spaceSunrise in Monument Valley AZ.

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