Interesting Day at the Lake

These two pictures were taken 20 minutes apart at the Muskegon Channel this Sunday PM.  The first pic. (at 1:50 pm) shows rather thick fog and clouds with a visibility around 1/4 to at best 1/2 mile.  The second pic. (at 2:10 pm) shows the fog is gone, the clouds are breaking up rapidly and the visibility is up to 8 – 10 miles.  It was a much cooler day at Lake Michigan.  At 4 pm, the temperature in Grand Rapids was 67°.  At 4 pm, the temperature here at the Muskegon Beach was 47.8°.

Here’s a picture Sunday from the camera at the shore in Alpena (from NOAA Coastwatch).  Note the two boats out (probably both fishing).  The high temperature at the Muskegon Beach through 8 pm (it may get warmer than that after 8 pm when the lake-breeze dies down) today was 51.6° at 3 am.  High temperatures usually occur about mid-afternoon.  However, the high temperature at the Lake Michigan shore can sometimes occur around 11 am to noon, before the lake-breeze kicks in…or in the evening when the lake-breeze ends and the wind starts blowing from the land out over the water.  At the beach in Milwaukee WI on the other side of Lake Michigan, the wind remained from the west off the land all day.  The high temperature there was 69.3° at 4 pm.  At 5 pm at the end of the Keweenaw Peninsula, the village of Copper Harbor reported a temperature of 31° and mixed precipitation.

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