Long Range Outlook

This is the latest 6-10 day outlook for April 22-26 from the Climate Prediction Center.  There is no forecaster discussion over the weekend.  The map shows Lower Michigan in the blue, indicating a better chance of (slightly) cooler than average temperatures.  The afternoon run of the GFS model would have temperatures near to slightly above average.  The overall pattern continues to be warm and wet for Michigan…with the general storm track coming into the West Coast (more heavy rain and snow for Washington St. down to central California)…then storms reform in the Plains and head up into the Great Lakes.  So far Grand Rapids has had 3.29″ of precipitation in April.  That’s just about up to our average for the entire month of 3.35″.  We may pass 4″ for the month with the midweek rain that’s on the way.

  This is the 6-10 day precipitation forecast from the Climate Prediction Center.  Much of the U.S. east of the Rockies is expected to get ample rain, including dry Florida.  The Pacific NW stays wet, but California gets a chance to dry out.

  It’s been a monumental task trying to clear snow in the Sierra Mts. of CA. – this pic. posted by Caltrans shows snow removal on Highway 89 going to Bliss State Park.  It’s slow-going, plus you worry about an avalanche or the steep dropoff to your right.

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