Dry Today, Chc. Showers/T-Storms Tomorrow

This is the Storm Prediction Center’s Severe T-Storm Risk Area Map for Tomorrow (Weds.).  Southern Lower Michigan is in the (dark green) Marginal Risk Area.  SPC says:  “…storm modes will most likely be characterized by small bows/clusters, resulting in damaging winds and large hail being the primary threats.”  The most likely area for severe storms is in the (yellow) Slight Risk Area to our west. In the meantime, dry and pleasant today with aftn. temps. around 70.

  This map from SPC shows the historical probability of a severe storm for April 18th.  The area most likely to get severe weather at this time of year is in the Southern Plains.

  This graph shows total severe weather reports in the entire state of Michigan by year.  We’ve had 5 consecutive years with a below average number of severe weather reports.

Also: Video of the Syracuse NE tornadoVideo of tornado south of Venice Italy.   Lake Tahoe basin now reporting a whopping 302% of normal snow water equivalent for April 17Icebergs off E. CanadaMirage at Lake MichiganAwesome shelf cloud over the Acropolis in Athens, GreeceSnowstorm in Norway.  Unseasonably cold morning lows Monday AM in Labrador: -23.9°C at Churchill Falls -22.2°C at Wabush -20.0°C at Cartwright -19.2°C at Nain.  Check out the fog bank off Old Mission Point near Traverse City on Sunday.  Hailstorm in N. ItalySnow in Scotland.  Nice storm pics. here.  Snow in PolandSnow in GermanyPileus iridescent cloud in Singaore.

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