The Wind Advisory Has Expired

The Wind Advisory has expired.  Winds will continue to diminish overnight.  There is a chance (only a chance) of a light shower Fri. PM, mainly south of G.R.  Rain is expected over the weekend.  There’s a lot of activities this weekend, including the Great Lakes Kite Festival in Grand Haven and the Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin on Sunday.  If we’re lucky the rain will be moving out in time for the blessing, which I believe is around 1:15 pm.

Peak wind gusts:  48 mph Ionia, 47 mph G.R., 46 mph Battle Creek, 45 mph Jackson and Coldwater, 44 mph Big Rapids, 41 mph Holland (airport) 40 mph Kalamazoo, 39 mph Mt. Pleasant and Lansing.

  This is a pic. from the S. Haven Lighthouse.  Note the river water is a more brownish color (has more sediment in it) and flows out the channel, then to the right (north) with the prevailing southwest wind.  It is much cooler at Lake Michigan.  At 1:50 pm the temp. was just 55 on the beach at Muskegon and 57 at S. Haven.  The cooler stable layer has kept the wind down a bit at the lakeshore.  The peak wind gust today at both S. Haven and Muskegon has been 29 mph.

Big temperature gradient across Michigan today (warmest southeast, coolest northwest): At 2 pm it was 84 Marshall and Kalamazoo, 83 Battle Creek and Coldwater, 77 Ionia, 76 G.R., 72 Benton Harbor and Holland (airport), 68 Muskegon (airpor) and Big Rapids, 62 Ludington (airport). In the U.P., the temp. was 34 at Marquette, where they were getting snowflurries.  So there is a 50- degree temperature difference across Michigan this PM.

  The early PM satellite showed a fair amount of sun over most of Lower Michigan.

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