More from Tennessee

The top pic. is a beautiful and rather large flower at the Knoxville Arboretum.  Thursday’s biggest thrill was seeing a fireball – a bright shooting star.  it was around 10 pm and I happened to be looking up.  This might have been the longest-lasting fireball I’ve ever seen…probably 5 seconds.  It moved from right to left.  I was in a parking and I don’t know exactly what direction I was facing because the streets here don’t go east/west – north/south.  They curve around mountains and hills.  I made a guess that I was looking ESE just based on the position of Jupiter.  I made a report of my sighting at the website of the American Meteor Society.

  I found gas for $1.90 a gallon down here in Tennessee!  Most stations are $1.95 to $2.05, but the lowest was $1.90.

Also:  There seem to be a lot of fireflies down here…and back home in Michigan.

  This is storm total rainfall from this PM across E. Tennessee and the surrounding states.  We had no rain in Knoxville, but small thunderstorms did build on the surrounding hills and mountains.  These are air mass thundershowers that form and die off rather quickly, only to reform nearby in the heat of the day.  Warm currents tend to rise up the slopes of the mountains and you often get towering cumulus forming before noon.  With weak flow aloft and the storms tied to the mountain updrafts, the storms move little.  Knoxville had a high/low of 91/73 today, while the top of Mt. LaConte TN had a high of 69 and low of 55 – much cooler on the mountaintops.

A quick scan of the model data shows an overall dry pattern for Lower Michigan thru next Tuesday…then a chance of t-storms Weds. and Thurs. of next week.  The weather should be good for Maranda’s Park Party today and Saturday looks pleasant.

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