Weds. Midday Update

Pic. is the Muskegon Channel at 11:40 am.  Interesting to see the contrast of temps. between lakeshore and inland.  With a west wind, it’s cooler during the day at Lake Michgian and warmer at night.  Inland, G.R. had a low temp. of 57, Kallamazoo reached 56.  At the lakshore, the low at the Muskegon beach was 69.8.  At 1noon – Grand Rapids was already up 22 degrees to 79 and Kalamazoo up 24 degrees to 80.  The Muskegon Beach at 11 am was 70.9.,  In fact, the temperature range over the past 24 hours at the Muskegon Beach has only been 3.1 degrees.  Mackinac Island is 68 and cloudy at noon.  Inland we’ll see a difference of nearly 30 degrees between the overnight low temp., and the afternoon high temp.  Water temps:  Reeds Lake 77,  Muskegon 64, Grand Haven 64, S. Haven 72.

  This is a pic. I took at sunset Tues. evening at Kollen Park in Holland.  Great place for a walk along the water.  The morning run of the NAM model gives G.R. a high temp. of 83 tomorrow and 78 on Friday.  The chance of rain on the NAM for G.R. is 6% tomorrow during the day and 56% on Friday…then 25-30% for both Sat. and Sun.  Most of the weekend will be dry.  Like I keep saying…in an overall dry pattern…be grateful for the rain that you get.

  The last pixel of ice is still visible on the west side of Hudson Bay.  Snow is still there in the mountains of CA and the west.

North American ice cover is right about at the 10-year average.

Also:  Magnitude 6.5 earthquake in China.  New paper: “There is no evidence indicating a termination of the recent warming hiatus in eastern China

Meteorologists look to the Equatorial Pacific to see if the pattern (especially for the coming winter) is El Nino, La Nina or La Nada (neutral).  The consensus at this point is weak El Nino.  Too early to tell for sure – keep in mind that strong El Ninos usually bring mild winters to the Great Lakes – some weak El Ninos bring cold winters.  I’ll keep tracking and giving you updates on the blog.

Finally:  Japan has engineered a popsicle that doesn’t meltWhen matches were dangerous.



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