Overall Dry Pattern

This is the rainfall forecast for the next 5 days from the Weather Prediction Center.  Note the hole over Lower Michigan where little or no rain is expected.  According to WPC, there will be more rain in AZ than in Michigan.  We do have a slight chance of a shower today (Sat.) and a pretty good chance of scattered showers and t-storms on Thursday (with a lingering shower on Fri.).  Wednesday may be the warmest day of the week (upper 80s).  I do think there’s a decent chance that we could see a warmer and wetter pattern for the last third of August.  I also think Sept. will be a little warmer than average.

Also:  Whenever I see a picture like this…I wonder what the story of that house is…did children play here?  Why was the house abandoned?  Rome, Italy had measurable rain last night for the first time in 41 days.  Check out the foam on the lake in ChinaHurricane Franklin’s remains have crossed Mexico and reignited into Tropical Storm (soon to be hurricane) JovaHundreds of people turn out to see thousands of batsThe Pacific Northwest cools offTennis ball-sized hailLarge dust devil8″ of new snow in the Swiss lapsFirst season snow in AlaskaFirst colors of autumn.  Translation:  “We don’t have lunch not on the terrace of this August 11…”  We’re thru the letter “F” and still the ACE Index (a measure of hurricane strength) is below average in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf.

  Waterspout explainer.

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