Sunny Sunday

I played golf Saturday and did some emceeing for a special charity event for the Living Waters Church at The Meadows in Allendale.  I could taken pictures of me, but you know what I look like.  I did take a picture of this pretty billowing cumulus cloud out on the course.  Something really strange happened on the course.  I am a terrible golfer….but even a broken clock is right twice a day.  I got closest to the pin on the 17th hole!  And…I sunk the putt for a natural birdie!  I have entire rounds when I dont’ get a par and today I got a birdie!  Great people, great event…got to see the amazing Rosie Zant again.  She has raised something like 10 million dollars for charity running golf events since 1984 (inc. the M.S. tournament and for many years the Warren Reynolds tournament). Thanks to Holly Palmer and Leonard Beck for a fantastic event.

There were a few light showers and sprinkles on Saturday.  The picture here from the Alpena GLERL camera shows distant cumulonimbus clouds over land, while it’s clear over the water.  A trace of rain was recorded at Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland and Allendale on Saturday.  The high temp. reached 80 in G.R. and Kalamazoo Saturday PM, but held at 70.0 at the S. Haven lighthouse and 71.6 at the Muskegon Beach.  The waves should be down to 1 foot for much of the day today (Sun.).  The Reeds Lake water temp. was back to 78 at Reeds Lake at 1 pm on Sunday…sun and very light wind, so the surface water can heat up.  We’lll continue to be partly to mostly sunny today (Sun.) with scattered fair-weather cumulus and high-level cirrus clouds.  There is a slight chance of a shower/t-shower Monday, but most areas will stay dry.  There’s a better chance of rain Thursday.

This pic. taken at 1 pm Sun. shows a steady stream of boats coming in and out of the Muskegon Channel.  You can see the high clouds, the blown-off tops of t-storms in the Plains yesterday.  At 1 pm, the warmest spot was Kalamazoo at 77, G.R. was 74 and Big Rapids 73.  At the lake, the temp. at 1 pm was 68.7 at the Muskegon Beach and 68.2 at the S. Haven Beach.  Low temps. Sun. AM:  Grand Rapids 55, Holland 50, Muskegon 49, Hart 47, Big Rapids, Ludington, Alma, Fremont and Watervliet all got down to 46.  It got to 45 in Cadillac and Lawrence, 44 at Houghton Lake and Grayling, 41 in Baldwin, 39 in Roscommon and 37 at Leota in Clare Co., which was the coolest temp. this (Sun.) AM in the contiguous U.S..  Rains in the Plains yesterday:  2.07″ at Dallas, 1.09″ Oklahoma City, 1.46″ N. Platte NE, 1.94″ Pickstown SD and 1.05 at Bismarck ND.  The highest temp. in the U.S. was 119 at Death Valley CA.

This is the MODIS Lake Michigan satellite pic. from 3:24 pm Sat. Note that most of Lake Michigan is cloud-free with lows of cumulus build-up over the land.

Also – the next tropical storm in the Atlantic is forming east of the Bahamas.  That will be called Gert and it may reach hurricane strength.  Looks like it won’t be a threat to the U.S.  Lots of smoke from wildfires in SW CanadaPretty sunset in New Jersey.

  There were no severe thunderstorm watches in Lower Michigan during the entire month of July.  I can’t remember that happening.  They did not issue a (wide) watch for the severe event during the early AM of July 7 that produced the 103 mph gust in Grand Haven MI.  Narrow events like that are alerted by warnings due to the narrow width of the damage.  Note that severe weather migrates north in mid-summer.

  This map shows the average number of tornadoes by state in August.  The high number in Florida is the result of tornadoes spawned by hurricanes.  You can see that it’s more likely to have a tornado in Minnesota in August than in Oklahoma.

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