Michigan Weather Update

While the attention is on Hurricane Irma and Florida – I’m still tracking West Michigan weather (even while I’ve been on vacation).  Sunny or mostly sunny in Michigan thru Monday…dry air and fairly dry ground means a rather large spread between the daytime high temps. and the nighttime low temps.   The morning run of the NAM model gives G.R. a low of 42 overnight, a high of 71 on Sunday, a low of 46 Sun. night and a high of 76 on Monday.  The GFS has a low of 46 tonight, a high of 72 tomorrow…and highs from Monday to Saturday of 75, 79, 75, 78, 77, 78.  As is often the case, it’s dry in Michigan when there is a hurricane some in the East (in this case Southeast).  Here’s U.S. Lightning Data – lightning with Irma and check out the t-storms in the Desert SW.  Much of Georgia will see high wind gusts.  This will be a very damaging storm along the Florida West Coast from Naples and Marco Island up thru Fort Myers/Sanibel Is – Sarasota – the Tamp Area all the way up to Cross City.

The top pic. is the South Haven shore at 1:33 pm.  The wind is just 5 mph, so not a lot of wind for the sailboats.  The temp. here is 64 at 1:45 pm with a northeast wind off the land.  The water temp. at S. Haven is 65 (one degree warmer than the air temp. so no lake-breeze at this point).  Buoy temps. (a couple miles offshore) 53.1 Ludington, 63.6 Muskegon, 63.5 Port Sheldon and 65.5 S. Haven.  The Reeds Lake water temp. bottomed out at 67 this AM and was back to 70 at 2 pm.

Here’s a pic. from 2:22 pm at the Muskegon Channel- the lake is pretty flat and there are some boats out enjoying the sunny afternoon.  It was a cool start to Saturday.  Here’s low temps. Sat. AM:  50 at the Muskegon Beach, 49 at the S. Haven Beach, 47 S. Haven (airport), Benton Harbor, 46 Lawton, Hartford, 45 Fremont, Watervliet, 44 Muskegon (airport), Holland (airport) Battle Creek, Coldwater, Three Rivers, Fennville and Hart, 43 Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Sturgis, East G.R., Grandville, 42 Mt. Pleasant, 41 Ionia, Hastings, Albion, 40, Belding, Clarksville, Charlotte, 39 Lansing, Ludington, Marshall, Hillsdale and Manistee, 38 Big Rapids, Midland, 35 Alma, 34 Baldwin, 33 Cadillac, Gaylord, Iron Mt., 32 Houghton Lake, 31 Grayling, Marquette, 29 Leota (Clare Co.), Stambaugh, 28 Champion, Spincich Lake, 27 Doe Lake.

We’ll have an 82% full moon tonight.  Look for the Big Dipper, the North Star, Cassiopeia (looks like a “W”) and the planet Jupiter to the WSW this evening.

  The kp-index is at a lonely one…so don’t expect to see the Northern Lights tonight.

The latest 8-14 day temp. outlook from the Climate Prediction Center has temps. a little warmer than avg. for Sept. 18-22.  So f.56″ , the month of Sept. is averaging 6.5 deg. cooler than average in G.R.  Rainfall so far this month is 0.56″ in G.R. and that is 0.67″ below average.  Since June 29rand Rapids (the official weather station at the Ford Airport) has had just 3.40″ of rain.  That’s just 38% of average.  Some areas have had more rain than that…but overall the latter 2/3rds of summer has been relatively dry.  Notwithstanding the early morning straight-line winds of July 7 (an unofficial 103 mph gust in Grand Haven) and the “Tyler Creek Tornado” that occurred the evening of April 10, we’ve had few severe weather days in West Michigan this year.


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