More on Irma (and MI weather)

The above map shows accumulated rainfall over the past 7 days.  We had a little rain last week, but you can see there was a little heavier rain out over the open water of the Great Lakes, with lighter amounts on land.  The rain from Irma stands out.  Here’s the latest storm total rainfall amounts:  Fort Pierce 16.01″ Gainesville 12.22″, Naples 11.87″, Melbourne 11.21″, Jacksonville 11.17″, Fort Myers 10.33″, Orlando 9.42″.  In Georgia, St. Mary’s had 10.12″ and Savannah 6.88″.  In S. Carolina, the highest total was 6.05″ at Edisto.  Gas stations without gas early this PM:  Florida 39%, Georgia 18%, S. Carolina 8% – those numbers are dropping.

At the noon hour, the circulation of Tropical Depression Irma is in far northern Alabama and it will slide into Tennessee later this PM.  Surface map here.  There is still a band of mainly light rain from Arkansas to southern Indiana and Ohio and east to N. Carolina.  The strong winds have ended.  The morning run of the NAM model give G.R. only a 23% chance of a light shower from what’s left of Irma and 28% for Coldwater…so not much chance.

There are some thin clouds from Irma trying to come up into Michigan.  If you look south of G.R., the sky looks a little whiter and to the north a little bluer.

Also:  It was nice to see Santa Claus helping with the rescues in Florida.  There are 2 typhoons (hurricanes) in the Western PacificWater levels back to normal around Florida. How does Irma rank with other major US land-falling hurricanes?  When Irma made landfall on the Keys, it was estimated to have had sustained wind speeds of 115 kt , about 132 mph. (It actually hit the Florida coast as a Cat 3, with winds of 115 mph, but the Florida Keys count as the first landfall).  Since 1851, there have been 14 stronger hurricanes at landfall in the U.S., and Irma ties with 10 others. In other words, Irma is one of 25 hurricanes as strong or strongerGraph of global weather disasters 1990 – 2015. 2005 was Katrina.  Look at this house destroyed by Irma’s storm surge.  Check out this newspaper headline.

From  “NOAA forecasters say there is a 75% chance of moderately strong (G2-class) geomagnetic storms on Sept. 13th.  If the G2-storm materializes, auroras in the USA could appear as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state.”

Some fairly heavy rain over Ireland today.

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