kp-index currently at 5

Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis update:  The kp-index is at a 5 as I write this.  That’s often good for a faint, green glow on the northern horizon if you’re away from city lights.  You’d probably be able to see a greenish aurora to the north in a dark spot in the U.P.  Check out these aurora pics. from Iceland tonight.  Here’s the aurora in Alberta, Canada.  Here’s this week’s Sky at a Glance.  The waning (that means you see less of it each succeeding night) half-moon will soon be a crescent moon in the late night.  The planet Venus shines brightly in the east before sunrise.  A much fainter Mars also graces our eastern sky before daybreak.  You have to look pretty quick to find Jupiter after sunset to the SSW.  Saturn is a prominent evening “star” to the southwest.  Here’s a list of when you can see the International Space Station fly overhead.  The best times are 6:57 on 9/17 and 6:05 am on 9/18.

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