Coolest Day Since May 19

The high temp. of 55 in G.R. on Weds. was the coolest high temp. since May 19.  We’re still looking at a healthy rainfall this weekend.  From late Fri. night to early Sun. AM – the overnight run of the GFS model gives G.R. 1.33″ of rain and the overnight run of the European gives G.R. 2.06″ of rain from late Fri. night to early Sun. AM.  It’ll be mostly cloudy and cool today (lighter winds).  It’s not impossible that we could see a light shower or sprinkle tonight.  The heavier rain is over the weekend.  Still no sign of a freeze going out 10 days.

Also:  Check out the satellite view of the smoke from western wildfires…and flooding from a severe storm in South AfricaHarvest excitementColorado fall colorsCalm water at sunset in NCTime-lapse of clouds moving in 2 directions in SeattleKP-index running a 4 to 5 last night…very marginal for view of Aurora in MI – cloudy here so it’s a moot point.  Fall colors looking good in the Shenandoah Valley.  PJI airport on St. Maarten has finally reopened; it’s been 36 days since Hurricane Irma hit.  More snow in Montana.  Sometimes farming is boaring.

  Check out this pic. of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii.

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