Cold Air Coming

Here’s a look at high temperatures today.  You can see the warmer air to our south and southeast where the severe thunderstorms rolled along, producing tornadoes (at least 8 injured), wind damage and hail up to 3″ in diameter near St. Louis.  Cleveland reached the upper 60s.  The high was 73 in Indianapolis, 79 in St. Louis and 81 in Bowling Green KY.  You can see the cold air to our northwest. with a high of just 26 at Bismarck ND and 16 up at Saskatoon.  The high was just 10 above in Cut Bank and Great Falls, Montana.  Those are mid-January high temps.  The high was 11 at Lewistown MT, 20 at Williston ND and 23 at Yellowstone N.P.   With a north to northwest wind, some of that cold air will filter into West Michigan.

  Here’s high temperatures in our area…a 14-degree difference from the 62 in Coldwater to the 48 in Fremont and Ludington.

We may not see 50 again until next week.  Aftn. temps. the next several days will be in the mid 40s and we maybe stuck only in the 30s on Friday (with some lake-effect snow showers possible).

  Here’s the 6-10 day forecast temperatures for Nov. 11-15.  The Great Lakes are “in the blue” for a good chance of cooler than average temperatures leading up to the start of the firearm deer season.

The average high/low temp. today is 53/37 and that drops to 30/18 in mid-January.  The sunrise for downtown G.R. Monday is 7:24 am and the sunset is 5:28.  The latest sunset is 5:08 pm from Dec. 4 to Dec. 13.  So, in the evening, we’ll lose another 20 minutes of daylight before bottoming out.  The latest sunrise is 8:14 am in the first week of January, so we’ll lose another 50 minutes of daylight in the AM.  We get 10 hours and 4 minutes of daylight Monday and that shrinks to 9 hours and one minute at the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21.  We don’t get back to 10 hours and 4 minutes of daylight until Feb. 4.  Temperatures lag the position of the sun by a month, so – on average – the coldest day is Jan. 20.

  Here’s weekend rainfall.  Most of West Michigan has had measurable rain on 8 of the last 9 days and at least a trace of rain on 13 of the last 15 days.

The moon is still pretty full – if you see some clearing – enjoy.

Also, 23″ of new snow at both Willow Creek and Lewis Lake Divide, Wyoming.  Pic is from Yellowstone Natl. Park.  Death toll now 49 from Typhoon Damrey in Vietnam.


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