Tropical Storm Rina

cone graphic We have a new tropical storm. We’re down to the letter “R”. This storm is called Rina. It’s over the central Atlantic, far from land. Rina will move move north and then northeast, eventually losing tropical characteristics and becoming a windy, rainy low pressure center. Here’s the latest Public Advisory, Forecast Discussion and the Funktop Satellite Loop.

Also:  Snowcover increasing rapidly and well above average in Canada.  Arctic ice extent highest since 2006.   Heavy snow in AustriaHeavy snow in ItalyHeavy snow in FranceSnow in the Rockies and High PlainsSnow in MontanaSnow in SDSnow in Washington State.   Pretty sunset on the Great Salt LakeLions did not have to punt for the first time since 1971 in their game at Green Bay.  Here’s some support for a cold, snowy winterPretty pic. of full moon and Jacksonville FLCanyon Fire in CA most likely caused by a road flarePretty fall pic. from Rome GAKa-BOOMPretty fall scene with train in ALPretty fall sceneWaterfallRainbow over NYCPretty fall colors in NYTallest buildings poke out of fog at sunriseRainbow in NCFall colors in MD.   18″ of rain in the last week at Chenna, India.  Fall colors in KYNAO turning negative…another sign the cool pattern will continue into next week.  Same story for the AO (Arctic Osceillation).  From Dr. Judah Cohen:  North American snow cover is at decadal highs.

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