Northern Lights Out Tonight

The kp-index is up to 6.  That’s often good enough for a peek at the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis in the northern U.S.  Try and get away from lights and look to the north to see if you see a mostly green glow.  It’s pretty tough to see them where I am in the city, so if you do see the aurora, send me an email ( and if you can, grab a picture.  We also have a 3/4-full moon to give some light to the sky tonight.  Frost and freeze tonight, with lows in the mid 20s.

NOTE:  I’ve had emails from Newaygo and NW Kent Co. that they can see the aurora…a faint green looking north.  This picture is from Jennifer Graves in Zeeland. You can also see the Big Dipper in the northern sky.

  Here’s a pic. of the Northern Lights taken near 8th Ave. and Leonard St.

And this picture from Gaylord – also with a view of the Big Dipper (thanks, Irene).

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