Heavy Snow in the U.P. and NW Lower MI

Up top is the National Weather Service Snow Forecast.  This quick Arctic blast will get the lake-effect snow machine going.  Heavy snow will fall over a significant part of the U.P and a part of NW Lower Michigan.  In our West Michigan area…not much…maybe…maybe a few spots along US 31 and west near the lake will eek out an inch on the grassy areas before the snow band retreats to the west out over the lake as winds turn more NE.  Best bet for accumulating snow in our area will be western Oceana and Mason Co., far western Van Buren Co. and Berrien Co. around the lake into NW Indiana.  The snow band will likely move west all the way into Chicago.

At 11 pm – it was 30 deg. at G.R. and 28 in Kalamazoo (wind light to calm)…at the same time the temp. was 45 at the Muskegon Beach and 46 at the S. Haven Beach, where the wind was coming off the relatively warmer water (water temps. still low 50s).  The water temp. of dipped to 49 Weds. evening.  The models have temps. in the low 40s this AM…falling to the upper 20s to low 30s by early evening with the wind kicking up to 20 mph.  Wind chills by this evening could be down to 5 to 12 above zero.  This is a relatively quick in and out Arctic air mass.  Temperatures will be back in the upper 40s to near 50 for the middle of next week.

  Click on the image to enlarge.  This is a comparison of global sea surface temperature anomaly (difference from average).  The map on the left is Nov. 2015 and on the right a current map.  Note the differences.  In 2015, we had a strong El Nino with warm water along the Equator west of S. America.  This year we have a La Nina, with cooler than average water along the Equator west of S. America.  It’s also cooler this year west of Australia and west of the West Coast of the U.S.  Just looking at this you’d say that this winter should be colder and snowier in the Great Lakes than the past two winters.

Also:  Polar bears near Churchill on Hudson Bay moving out on the ice, a little ahead of the past couple wintersAurora in Harrison MISnow on the ground in the Texas PanhandlePretty fall colors at Jackson Lake.

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