Bill Tries to Pet Wild Pelican (What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)

Gayle and I are on the Pensacola Beach, Florida Pier (cost $1.25/person for a daily pass – pelicans are free).  This wild pelican lands on the pier.

  Bill whips out phone and gets a nice pic. of the friendly pelican.

Bill wonders if he can get pic. with pelican – pelican poses proudly – Gayle gets pic. (so far so good).

Bill gets crazy idea that it would be fun to actually pet this wild pelican.  Bill has no clue about what’s going to happen at this point.

Almost there – wow!  This is so cool!

  Bill actually touches the pelican!!  (note which way pelican is facing).

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of what transpired in the next three milliseconds. First, the pelican pooped.  This was not a dribble.  This was a rocket that would make Kim Jong Un proud.  I think the EPA is still there cleaning this one up.  Fortunately, I brought another pair of shoes on this trip.  Next, the pelican grabbed hold of my arm.  This was not an “I’m going to eat you grab”.  It was more of a “I’m going to clamp on long enough to give maximum entertainment to all the people who have formed a “gaper’s block” on the pier – slowing down to see the inevitable outcome of clueless Michigan man vs. pelican encounter.”

Last pic.  Bill is counting his fingers.  Not apparent in the picture is the quantity of pelican saliva and regurgitated half-digested fish that is dripping off Bill’s hand.  Note pelican does not leave yet.  He stays to enjoy the admiration of the crowd – another “no harm done” victory over another clueless tourist.  Right now it’s 6:30 am – not sleepy for some reason – waiting for the free breakfast at the hotel – thankful that sharks can’t fly up on the pier.

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