Cold Pattern Continues into the 3rd Week of December

This is the 8-14 day temperature outlook for Dec. 11-15 from the Climate Predicton Center.  Michigan remains “in the blue”, which means colder than average temperatures.  Average high temperatures are in the upper 30s now, falling to the low 30s by the end of the month.

This is the 8-14 day precipitation outlook for Dec. 11-15.  Above average precipitation is likely across much of Michigan.  With colder than average temperatures, that means snow – above average snowfall and above average lake-effect snow for much of Michigan.  From Dr. Judah Cohen:  “GFS (model) reloads on the current disruption third week of December that would likely reinforce pattern in the Eastern US. Speculative but something to watch.”   It’s not just us…a cold wave will hit much of Europe.

We were driving thru Chattanooga TN when the cold front went thru.  Temp. dropped 9 deg. in 20 minutes.

Also:  Grand Rapids Michigan had the lowest small business delinquency rates in the 3rd quarter of any city in the U.S.  Winds across New England are gusting up to 55 mph this AM, toppling trees and powerlines across the area.  Same thing we had yesterday.  Look at the pretty snow in Norway.  It looks like Bedford Falls.  Up to a foot of lake-effect snow is possible downwind from Lakes Erie and Ontario.  Poor bear the brunt of switch from coal to natural gas – no heat at 19 deg. F.  Tall buildings in Atlanta poke out of the fog Sun. AMSnow will fall in far W Texas and flurries are possible in parts of the SouthGoats jumping over a mountain pass.  Pea-sized hail fell last night near Phoenix AZ in a t-storm.  Several major wildfires in CA.  The Creek Fire has consumed 11,000 acries and 30 structures.  Expensive little space “pebble” here.  Like lake-effect clouds, there are ocean-effect cloudsHeavy lake-effect snow downwind from Lakes Erie and OntarioSmoke from CA wildfires moving WSW over the oceankp-index has been running around a 4.  Northern Lights probably not visible in Lower Michigan with a 4 (most areas have clouds).  EF-2 tornado confirmed in NE MissouriVolcano erupting in Kamchatka, RussiaAlabama rainbowEarth is closest to the sun during Northern Hemisphere winter.  New hailstone record for IllinoisWaterspout in ItalyIt could be colder.  Check out the lightning in Australia (where it’s summer).  2.09″ of rain fell in Corpus Christi, Texas on Tuesday, breaking the old daily rainfall record of 0.88″ from 1971.

update:in CA • Gusts of over 50 mph pushing flames towards Ventura • More than 25,000 acres burned (corrected) • More than 250,000 without power • One fatality in car accident linked to the fire.

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