3rd Coldest Dec. AM EVER in G.R.

It’s very unofficial – but the 12 below zero in G.R. this AM looks like the 3rd coldest temperature EVER in the month of December here in G.R., after a -18 on 12 19/1983 and a -14 on 12/31/1976. Up top is a pic. of the Muskegon Channel.  It was -14 at Big Rapids and -13 at Marshall.

The most snow on the ground in the state is 30″ at Grand Marais – that includes 10″ in the last 24 hours.  Delaware in the U.P. is up to 113″ for the season.  Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo have 5″ of snow on the ground and Muskegon is at 9″.  Here’s 48-hr. snowfall totals from West Michigan.

Despite the cold, people are skiing and boarding at Bittersweet Ski Area which is just west of Otsego MI.  Snowcover up to 8″ in Grandville and 10.5″ in Allendale.

Coldest temps. this AM that I’ve found, a -41 at Cotton MN (where I can guarantee you they don’t grow cotton) and -40 at Embarrass MN.

Look at the snow in Erie PA.  From Brian Brettschneider:  “There was a 115°F difference between the highest and lowest temperature in the Lower 48 this Christmas Day (that may change as more COOP data comes in). The record Christmas range was 140°F in 1983 (Max: 90°F/Min: -50°F). The smallest Christmas range was 88°F in 1994.”

  The Heritage Hill skycam shows some blue sky and sunshine – along with lots of steam coming up over the city of Grand Rapids.  Over the last 23 days, Grand Rapids has had just 11% of possible sunshine.

Here’s low temps. in N. Indiana and a couple in SW Michigan, inc. -10 at Coldwater and -7 at Three Rivers.

Also:  Northern Lights in Russiaheavy rain turns a bridge into a waterfall in the Ukraine – this was back in June.


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