Snow and Freezing Rain in Florida!

The top picture is snow near Savannah GA (pic. from M.J. Skinkle). 

  Savannah, Georgia got 1.2″ of snow, the biggest snowfall in Savannah since 12/231989 and the 7th biggest snowfall ever.   They also got nearly 1/4″ of freezing rain.  The high temperature of 30 was 30 degrees colder than the average high of 60.  Cross City FL had a high temp. of just 37.

This pic. is the southside of Savannah.  People aren’t used to driving on snow.  Charleston S.C. recorded 5.3″ of snow – that’s the 3rd highest snowfall for a single day in history for CHS.   Snow fell down to Lake City, Florida and the combination of wet, heavy snow and freezing rain downed dozens of power lines.  I-10 was closed for awhile in N. Florida due to ice.   

Pic. is a kid seeing his first snow.  Here’s current  weather observations in Florida and Georgia. They issued a Wind Chill Advisory for N. Florida. (different criteria there).  Current wind chill map.  Here’s freezing rain and snow reports from NE FL and SE GA…and from NW FL AND SW GA. (pics. of Savannah Southside from WSAV.  “We currently have 77 incidents between Jasper/Charleston.” More than a dozen bridges were shut down.  Tybee Island looks like the North PoleLiberty sunset. Pics. of kids playing in the snowSnow covering the palm-lined street in Mt. Pleasant SCSnow covers the sand on the Isle of Palms.I wouldn’t recommend trying this.

Here’s some Southern snow and ice totals. Another pic. Oops.  90 mph gust at Orick Head, Ireland.          

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