Chance of Black Ice?

Temperatures have fallen below freezing this evening, which means that any puddles from melting snow are turning to ice.  We also have some fog developing tonight.  Anytime there is fog and temperatures are near or below freezing, we have a chance of condensation on the cold ground/pavement and that can form what’s called “black ice”.  Black ice is actually clear ice, so it is often difficult to see.  It looks like the pavement under the ice and it’s even more difficult to see at night.  Main roads that have been salted and have a high traffic volume are less likely to get black ice.  However, beware of bridges and overpasses, where cold air under the bridge may keep the pavement at a little lower temperature than the rest of the road.  Also, be especially careful on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, side streets and rural roads with less traffic, again especially at night.  Temperatures will still be around the freezing mark during the morning commute, but should rise up into the low 40s during the afternoon.  With the warm air, there will be lots of ponding of water, including on roads.  Some sewers may be clogged by snow and ice.  Roads should just be wet from midday tomorrow thru Thursday.  Cold air moves back in Thursday night, so watch for slippery spots later Thursday night into Friday morning.

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