Ice Along the Michigan Shore

Here’s the midday Southern Lake Michigan satellite pic. It shows a mix of clouds and sunshine with snow on the ground. You can see the ice that is along the Michigan shore.  Temperatures are close to the freezing mark in the early afternoon.

This is the view looking northwest out over the lake from the S. Haven lighthouse.  This is not solid ice, but floating pack ice along the shore.

Here’s the view from the shore at Muskegon with the “ice dunes in the lower right and the ice out past the breakwater.  The computer models have it generally cloudy for quite a while starting tonight, so enjoy any sun you get today.  The models show the big warm-up tomorrow and Thursday and the cold air coming right back from Friday through early next week.  Both the GFS and NAM take the temp. in G.R. to the mid 40s tomorrow…and low 50s on Thursday…then back into the 20s by Fri. PM.

  Here’s a screen grab from the webcam at Bittersweet Ski Area, where the sun as popped out.  The warm-up will melt some (not all) of the snow at area ski resorts…but by Friday PM it’ll be back in the mid-upper 20s and they’ll be able to make snow and groom things up for the weekend, when temps. will be in the low 20s and conditions should be OK.

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