Major Earthquake in the Caribbean

A Major Earthquake has occurred in the Caribbean, magnitude 7.6 – Tsunami Advisories have been cancelled…no significant tsunami anywhere in the Caribbean. Strongest Western Caribbean earthquake since 1950.  Only the third Caribbean earthquake magnitude +7.0 since 2000. 135 mi from Brus Laguna, Honduras and 27 miles east of Great Swan Island (Honduras).  The quake occurred at 9:51 pm EST.  It was 6 miles under the ocean surface.  Coordinates 17.5 N, 83.6 W.  306 KM SW of Georgetown, Cayman IS.  Felt in Playa Del Carmen and in the eastern Yucatan and along the coast of Belize.  Felt in Cancun and Cozumel.   Also: M4.3 strikes 48 km E of Liberia, Costa Rica.  Only one buoy in the areaPeople in Belize lining up to get gasolineLots of aftershocks around magnitude 4.5.  The tsunami monitoring gauge in George Town Harbour detected a 7 inch rise in sea level at 10:40 pm.  Nice animation here comparing slip/fault earthquakes to mega-thrust earthquakes that produce tsunamis off Japan.   Stay tuned for updates.

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