Spectacular Fireball Meteor in SE Michigan!

This is a still pic. from THIS VIDEO from Mike Austin – dashboard video – he was driving north on I-75 near Bloomfield Hills.  Here’s another good video.  The fireball was seen in Milwaukee WI, Kalamazoo and Albion looking east and from Davison looking south…so we know this was (very rough guess) somewhere around 50 miles northwest of Detroit.  The estimated time of the meteor was 8:08 pm.  The fireball was also seen from 7 states from E. Iowa to W. Pennsylvania plus SW Ontario, Canada.  Unfortunately, the website of the American Meteor Society was down.  That’s where fireballs are reported.  They report:  “Major event in Michigan. Server is getting overloaded. We’ll be back asap, check back soon. If you saw the fireball report it here: fireballs.imo.net  Looks like they are up and running again.  A bright meteor that explodes in the lower atmosphere is also called a bolide.   According to the USGS the “sonic boom” registered as a 2.0 magnitude earthquake!   Lots of videos up on YouTube.   Hers’s a view of the fireball looking east from Madison WI.   Scientists are now speculating that the meteor might have been about 3 feet in diameter and that it’s certainly possible that small fragments could have made it to the ground.

Here’s meteor sightings reported to the American Meteor Society – seen from 6 states and Canada.  Here’s an up-to-date map of over 210 sightings reported to the American Meteor Society.   Here’s the flash in Romulus MI.  Here’s another security cam flashAnother video.  Watch 24-Hour News 8 and we’ll have more.

  Here’s a satellite estimated path of the meteor across Lower Michigan (click on the pic. to enlarge).  The lightning mapper on the GOES 16 satellite (22,300 miles in space!) appears to have detected the meteor’s path across Lower Michigan.

Here’s another map with a satellite estimate of the “exploding” fireball.

Past meteors in Michigan.  Here’s pictures of a famous meteor crater in Arizona between Flagstaff and Winslow.

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