January 2018 Wrap

Here’s a summary of January weather from the G.R. National Weather Service.  It was quite a variable month.  The coldest temperature was -11 on the 6th.  Five days later, we had a record daily high temperature of 58 (69 degrees warmer than that -11).  We had 3 days with high temperatures in the 50s, 6 days in the 40s, 9 days in the 30s, only 4 days with highs in the 20s and 9 days with high temps. in the teens.  The average high temperature of 32.1 was 1.4 deg. warmer than average and the average low temperature was 17.7, which was 0.4 deg. colder than average.  Precipitation (rain plus melted snow) was 2.12″, which was almost exactly on the average of 2.09″.  Grand Rapids had 12.6″ of snow.  That was 8.2 degrees below the January average.  We had 12 days with measurable snow and the most snow any day midnight-to-midnight in G.R. was 2.5″ on the 3rd (so not a lot of snow days for the kids).

Sunshine totaled 35%, which was a little above the January average of XX%. The average wind speed was 10.9 mph with the highest gust in G.R. at 40 mph on the 31st.  The average relative humidity was 75%.  We had one day with thunderstorms (both in the early morning and in the evening) and two days when heavy fog developed.

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