Very Little Severe Weather So Far This Year

The map above from the Storm Prediction Center.  It shows where there were severe weather reports from Jan. 1-27.  I looked through the severe reports from Jan. 1 thru Feb. 5 and found that there was no severe weather anywhere in the U.S. on 26 of the 36 days.  At least one severe report was received on 10 of those 36 days.  There were a total of 120 severe reports, including 16 tornadoes, 11 hail reports (1″ in diameter or greater) and 93 reports of wind damage.  We did have one day in January with thunderstorms in West Michigan (1/22), but no severe weather was reported.  Last year, the U.S. had 134 tornadoes just in the month of January.  There were 20 fatalities from 3 “killer tornadoes” in Jan. and January had more tornado fatalities in the U.S. than the other 11 months of 2017 combined!

  This map shows the general probability of severe weather on Feb. 6th, with just a 1% chance from far E. Texas to the Georgia border.

Tonight marks the 10-year anniversary of the devastating Super Tuesday tornado outbreak of 5-6 February 2008. 86 tornadoes impacted 10 states, causing 57 fatalities.  There were five EF-4 tornadoes that night across the southeast US.

Also:  THE 5.4″ of snow today (midnight to midnight) at Des Moines IA broke the 769-day streak since the last 3+” snowfall, was the same amount that fell when the streak started – 5.4″ Dec 28, 2015.  Rare polar vortex split this week with the stronger lobe coming down into Canada.  Result will be continued warmer than average weather in the Southwest and near to colder than average in the East.  “Moscow is blanketed by the HEAVIEST snowfall in 100 years as 17 inches of the white stuff and freezing -12C lows sees 100 cars CRUSHED by falling trees. Sheer weight of snow in the Russian capital caused 2,000 trees to fall in the city.”  Flood on the Bogar River in Indonesia.  Look at this heavy snow!   Then stay tuned for some BIG waves.  Temp.  +3 in PeyongChang – coldest Olympics ever.  Warm and dry in the Southwest U.SCirrus and contrailsHeavy snow in Spain.  Drone video of the +50 vehicle pile-up on I-35 near Ames, IowaSnow in MadridSunrise from a planeNacreous clouds over IcelandCool nightime satellite picture.  -38 at Northway, Alaska.  Roscommon Dive Team training in Higgins Lake.  Two fisherman perish after falling thru the ice in Huron County.  Investigators say the call for help appears to have been made about 9:30 a.m. but the voicemail didn’t arrive until 2:30 p.m.

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