Satellite pics. of the Great Lakes

Here’s a Lake Michigan satellite picture from Monday PM.

Here’s Lake Erie, which is 90.7% ice cover.  The northwest wind has pushed the water away from the northwest shore.  There is plenty enough ice to prevent any significant lake-effect off of Lake Erie at this time.

Lake Huron has an 81.3% ice cover.

Lake Ontario has only a 15.3% ice cover – so mostly open water and the potential for lake-effect snow remains.

This is how Lake Superior looked Monday PM.  There’s enough open water to produce lake-effect clouds.  Actually, there has been a lot of lake-effect snow north of S. Ste. Marie in Canada.

Also:  Thunderstorm diagramedSnow in San Marino.   “Bitter cold at Olympics makes it painful to go outside”    Daily record rainfall in Flagstaff AZ of 0.83″.  Time-lapse of ice breaking away from shore in Chicago.

Finally, if you’re near Eaton Rapids – time to fill up the tank!


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