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Photos: South Korea ferry disaster

Six people are confirmed dead and another 55 injured as rescue crews search for 290 people still missing after a ferry sunk off the southern…

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Photos: The Blood Moon lunar eclipse

A rare total lunar eclipse turned the moon a blood red color, April 15, 2014. • Related: Time-lapse video: ‘Blood moon’ lunar eclipse

Massive flames are seen devouring both vehicles just after the crash, and clouds of smoke billowed into the sky Thursday April 10, 2014. (AP Photo/Jeremy Lockett)

Engaged pair, athlete dead in CA crash

High school students hoping to be college students and the adults who chaperoned them were among the victims when a charter bus headed on a …

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GM stock hits 10-month low

Shares of General Motors Co. fell to a 10-month low Friday as the company’s widening recall crisis put a coveted upgrade of its credit ratin…